Young Advocates for Agriculture Debate 2012

The Young Advocates for Agriculture Debate 2012 will take place on Thursday 4th October in The Famers & Fletchers Livery Hall, 3 Cloth Street, London EC1A 7LD.

Proceedings will commence at 11am with a light lunch at 1pm and prize giving at 3.30pm.

Aberystwyth at the 2011 debate

Aberystwyth at the 2011 debate


The winning team will receive:

  • The Young Advocates for Agriculture Trophy
  • A cash prize of 300
  • A media training day with Tom Heap, presenter of Countryfile, Costing the Earth on Radio 4 and a regular reporter on the BBC programme Panorama

The two runners up will join the winning team on the media training day.

New prize for 2012

Two debaters will be selected to act as the second proposer and second opposer in the prestigious Union Debate at the Oxford Farming Conference in January 2013. Selection will be based on the best individual performances in the competition and made by representatives of The Oxford Farming Conference Council at the debate. This prize offers opportunities beyond the winning team.

Debate Training

NEW for 2012

There will be three debate training days in May, locations to be advised, to help entrants prepare for the competition.

Format of the Debate

Each Debate will last no more than 30 minutes, following a strictly observed timetable. In each debate there will be proposing and opposing teams of two young advocates.

1st Proposer (For): Introduces the case for the motion and sets out the argument for (5mins)
1st Opposer (Against): Introduces the case against the motion and offers a rebuttal of the Proposer's argument (5mins)
2nd Proposer (For): Replies to the 1st Opposer's arguments (5mins)
2nd Opposer (Against): Replies to the 2nd Proposer's arguments (5mins)
1st Proposer (For): Concludes the argument for the motion (2mins)
1st Opposer (Against): Concludes the argument against the motion (2mins)


All teams will be working with a Motion agreed before the event. Sponsors and debaters should complete the Entry Form and Motions Form. Teams will be informed of their Motion by Friday 11th May.

Debating Guidance Pack

A Debating Guidance Pack has been compiled to help entrants prepare for the Debate. This will be sent out by Friday 11th May once the Motions have been agreed and before the Debate Training Days.

t: 01206 322263 m: 07809 565343